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Cryptio announces partnership with Qredo

Cryptio announces partnership with Qredo

We’re pleased to announce that we are partnering with Qredo.

Cryptio and Qredo are both committed to building the necessary infrastructure for the economy of the future

Our partnership seeks to deepen institutional and enterprise adoption of crypto by offering secure self-custody solutions and auditable-grade accounting and reporting.

As a result of our partnership, enterprises and institutions using Qredo as a custody solution can use our platform to:

  • Generate GAAP and IFRS-compliant reports.
  • Produce auditable portfolio balance statements.
  • Complete revenue and expense reporting.
  • Streamline fund reporting.

“Qredo’s partnership with Cryptio comes at a crucial moment. The need for robust accounting and auditing in the crypto industry has never been greater. Our users can leverage Cryptio’s enterprise-grade software to complete accounting, reporting, tax, and audit preparation on their digital assets to the high standard that auditors require.”

Lilia Severina, Investor & Advisor at Qredo

Cryptio + Qredo_Infrastructure (2)

Building a strong partnership

Cryptio is looking forward to building strong ties with Qredo, a pioneer in enabling access to DeFi while maintaining secure self-custody. Qredo's dMPC tackles the risk of shared private keys by offering users a shared computation on transaction signatures - without having to share their private data.

“I’m delighted to see the partnership between Cryptio and Qredo, two companies building the necessary infrastructure for crypto to drive its widespread adoption. Together we will further develop the infrastructure our industry needs and offer institutions the assurance they need to enter the space, through our highly-secure custody solutions and auditable reporting and accounting.”

Antoine Scalia, Founder and CEO at Cryptio.

Providing accountability and security for the crypto industry

Qredo is the only dMPC solution that can integrate with MetaMask Institutional, adding an extra security layer to crypto’s most trusted wallet. With Cryptio now adding its back-office services to the fold, our partnership brings the accountability and the security that the crypto industry needs to realize its full potential.

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