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Sponsor spotlight: Kaiko, Protocol Labs, and Request Finance fueling insights at the Crypto Finance Forum

Sponsor spotlight: Kaiko, Protocol Labs, and Request Finance fueling insights at the Crypto Finance Forum

Cryptio is thrilled to announce that Kaiko, Protocol Labs, and Request Finance take center stage as the official sponsor partners of the Crypto Finance Forum (CFF). This dynamic trio of sponsors is poised to redefine the landscape of crypto finance. By joining forces, they will elevate the conversation surrounding crypto accounting, ushering in a new era of insights and solutions.

Elevating Crypto Finance Forum with Kaiko

The world of crypto finance is dynamic, offering both opportunities and complexities that require a keen understanding of market trends and data analytics. Kaiko, a prominent player in the cryptocurrency data industry, has become a vital sponsor of the Crypto Finance Forum (CFF), the premier event for crypto CFOs, auditors, controllers, and accountants. By providing accurate and comprehensive market data, Kaiko equips financial professionals with the insights needed to make informed decisions.

Attendees can expect deep-dives into real-time market data analysis and discussions on integrating data-driven strategies into their financial practices. Kaiko's participation adds a layer of data-driven expertise, enabling attendees to harness the power of precise information to navigate the challenges of crypto finance.

"We are thrilled to sponsor Crypto Finance Forum (CFF). The crypto finance landscape is evolving at an unprecedented pace, and events like the CFF provide an invaluable platform for professionals to come together and exchange ideas. At Kaiko, we are deeply committed to providing accurate and comprehensive market data, and our sponsorship of the CFF reflects our dedication to fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing within the crypto accounting community.”

Thibaut Perney, Americas Sales Team Leader, Kaiko.

Elevating Crypto Finance Forum with Protocol Labs

Blockchain technology has revolutionized how we perceive data storage and decentralized systems. Protocol Labs, a leading research and development organization, is a prominent sponsor of the Crypto Finance Forum. Their involvement underscores the importance of innovation and research in the crypto finance space.

Protocol Labs' sponsorship elevates the CFF by introducing cutting-edge advancements in blockchain and distributed systems. Attendees can engage with experts from Protocol Labs, gaining insights into the latest developments that could reshape crypto finance strategies. The partnership with Protocol Labs allows professionals to explore how these innovations impact the accounting and financial aspects of the crypto ecosystem, fostering a forward-looking perspective within the industry.

Elevating Crypto Finance Forum with Request Finance

Efficient financial operations are the cornerstone of successful organizations, and Request Finance specializes in providing tools that streamline financial processes through blockchain technology. As a sponsor of the Crypto Finance Forum, Request Finance brings a focus on practical solutions that enhance the day-to-day operations of crypto finance professionals.

Request Finance's sponsorship emphasizes practicality and operational efficiency. Their participation in the CFF equips attendees with insights into how blockchain-based tools can simplify accounting, auditing, and financial reporting processes in the crypto realm. Through interactive sessions, attendees can explore the potential of these tools to mitigate challenges unique to the crypto accounting landscape.

"We are delighted to be part of the Crypto Finance Forum (CFF) as sponsors. Request Finance's mission has always been to simplify and streamline financial operations through blockchain technology, and the CFF provides the perfect platform to showcase how these innovations can make a real difference in the crypto finance space. We look forward to sharing insights and exploring how blockchain can enhance day-to-day operations in crypto finance."

Christophe Fonteneau, Founding Member, Request Finance.

Fostering industry growth through innovative partnerships

The partnership between Kaiko, Protocol Labs, Request Finance, and the Crypto Finance Forum showcases the collective effort to enhance the crypto accounting and finance landscape. These sponsorships play a pivotal role in creating an environment where professionals can network, share experiences, and learn from experts in the field. By bringing together crypto CFOs, auditors, controllers, and accountants, the CFF enables the exchange of knowledge and the formation of alliances in the crypto finance world.

“We're thrilled to welcome our esteemed sponsors, Kaiko, Protocol Labs, and Request Finance, as one of the driving forces behind the Crypto Finance Forum. This dynamic trio shares our passion for elevating the conversation around crypto accounting and financial strategies. With their unwavering support, we're entering a new era of insights, collaboration, and innovation. Together, we're shaping the future of crypto finance”.

Antoine Scalia, Founder & CEO, Cryptio.

As the crypto ecosystem continues to evolve, the importance of informed decision-making becomes increasingly evident. The CFF, with the support of visionary sponsors like Kaiko, Protocol Labs, and Request Finance, empowerrs professionals to navigate the complexities of crypto finance with confidence. Attendees can anticipate thought-provoking discussions, innovative solutions, and valuable insights that will shape the future of finance in the digital age.

The Crypto Finance Forum serves as a nexus for crypto finance professionals to explore, learn, and collaborate. The contributions of Kaiko, Protocol Labs, and Request Finance amplify the event's impact, fostering an environment where industry leaders can come together to tackle challenges, share expertise, and collectively shape the trajectory of crypto finance.

To learn more about CFF visit the website.

To register for CFF use this link.

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