Cryptio backed by ConsenSys’ Tachyon!

ConsenSys x Cryptio

We are thrilled to announce that we have been backed by ConsenSys! 

We have been selected as part of Tachyon, ConsenSys Lab’s accelerator program. 


Tachyon’s mission is to support Web 3.0 blockchain businesses, and fundamentally reshape the global financial economy. It is easy to see how Cryptio perfectly fits this vision. The new Decentralised Finance (DeFi) economy will see billions of dollars flow seamlessly across the world without any centralised gatekeepers. But this new paradigm will require modern ‘cryptocurrency friendly’ accounting, bookkeeping and financial reporting tools. Hence, Cryptio aims to be the major financial data tool that consolidates a business’s crypto activity, presents valuable data insights for their accounting and finance teams, and seamlessly integrates with the traditional tools and systems. We want to simplify compliance for digital assets and thus play a major role in pushing mass adoption of Web 3.0 technologies and Decentralised Finance across the world.


Part of the team has relocated to New York City to be a part of Tachyon’s 3rd cohort, and have been working closely with the thriving Consensys and NYC ecosystem since then. The program also gives the participants the opportunity to be mentored by many notable actors in the crypto and blockchain ecosystem. We have gained some invaluable insights after talking to various stakeholders such as accountants, crypto business owners, and CFOs. This has been a great experience as we feel closer to the elusive ‘product market fit’ almost everyday.


For the past few months, our team has been working passionately to bring our vision to reality. It is a long road with many challenges. However this support and validation by ConsenSys and the Ethereum ecosystem is a huge milestone for us. The new learnings and insights that we have been collecting here, along with valuable feedback from our existing clients, are constantly driving our product vision. We are now more determined and confident than ever in our mission.


We have loads of great plans in the pipeline. Follow us on twitter to stay updated on our progress

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