Case Study: How Aave saved time spent on accounting

The Problem

Aave is one of the most popular and trusted DeFi lending protocol in the market. After an exponential growth in early 2020, they were handling thousands of cryptocurrency payments per day. The team soon realised that monitoring millions of dollars flowing through your wallets and accounts is a nightmare. It required hours of manually tagging transactions, adding descriptions, summarising the necessary information and creating accounting reports. Most DeFi projects end up facing these issues.

Thus they were looking for a simple tool to automate all these tasks. This would save them a lot of time and manual efforts. They wanted to monitor and manage all these transactions from a single dashboard. While looking for such crypto accounting tools, the team stubbled upon Cryptio. After looking at multiple automated bookkeeping tools in the market, Aave chose Cryptio.

"The customer support received was one of the key reasons we chose Cryptio"

Pablo Candela, Head of Support at Aave

How Cryptio helps DeFi projects like Aave

Once onboarded, the Aave team easily synced all their wallets and exchanges on Cryptio. They could now monitor and summarize all their transactions at one place. This includes important information such as cost basis, income statement, gains and losses, and tax implications. As Aave is based in the UK, all these transactions and calculations are valued in Pounds (GBP). These tasks are done automatically. 

They can also tag and label these transactions more easily. This adds a ton of description for every cryptocurrency activity. Moreover, they get access to customised on-demand reports and in-person assistance for further analysis. Finally, Cryptio helps the accounting team at Aave to connect their crypto data to their Xero account.

Thus, Cryptio helps DeFi startups automate these accounting and bookkeeping tasks. This will help them reduce manual efforts and save time. It also simplifies complaince and tax reporting. Moreover, easy integration with accounting systems makes it easy to import the crypto transactional data into Xero or QuickBooks.  

"Thanks to cryptio we are able to optimize our tasks and save time and resources"

Pablo Candela, Head of Support at Aave
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