Our partnership with Blockchain Legal (an ORWL firm)

Logos of Cryptio and Blockchain Legal

Passionate about these technologies, its founders are actively involved in their democratization and in defining a stable and realistic legal framework.

Their knowledge of the sector enables them to understand the challenges and difficulties faced by the various actors in the ecosystem in order to make the best use of their legal skills.

In tax matters, Blockchain Legal supports both crypto-investors and large-scale Blockchain projects.

For individuals, Blockchain Legal provides comprehensive support in the declaration of gains from cryptoactives: presentation of the most advantageous reporting methods and explanation of the various legal risks; support in the calculation of taxable income; drafting of tax rescripts; optimisation of capital losses; defence in the event of tax adjustments, etc.

For Blockchain projects, Blockchain Legal handles all related tax aspects: setting up legal structures (commercial or cooperative company, association, etc.) and auditing risks related to tax domiciliation; advising on the declaration and accounting of cryptoactives; tax qualification of tokens issued for corporate income tax and value added tax purposes; optimizing the distribution of tokens to funders and advisors, etc.

More information on the services offered here or on ORWL’s website.

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