Cryptio part of ‘Alliance for Prosperity’ to make open finance more accessible

Alliance for Prosperity

The Alliance for Prosperity is a network of mission-driven firms to leverage the benefits of blockchain technology to foster social impact and financial inclusion.

The Alliance aims to create prosperity for the world by addressing the needs faced by underserved populations that may not have access to traditional finance.  The aim is to enable more people to access easy-to-use digital currencies in the geographies that need it most. By providing infrastructure and education to its members, the alliance can tackle diverse use cases such as enabling faster and affordable remittances, reducing the operational complexities of delivering humanitarian aid, facilitating payments, and enabling micro-lending and micro-wages. This will empower communities everywhere, be it a refugee camp, a recipient of humanitarian aid, an unbanked person, or someone with limited access to financial tools.   

The alliance is in support of the decentralised and mobile-first open blockchain platform Celo. The Alliance has 50 initial members, such as Andreessen Horowitz, the Grameen Foundation, Coinbase etc. with a combined global reach of hundreds of millions of people. The members include blockchain projects, nonprofits, mobile wallets, payment processors, and global investment firms. In the coming months, these firms will launch innovative projects to make the Celo Dollar stable asset as accessible as possible to the 5.6 billion smartphones around the world. Each member is unique, but their combined contributions make it easier to move digital currencies around the world and create mobile-friendly financial tools on top of the Celo platform.

Cryptio aims to be a vital part of this noble mission of promoting financial inclusion. The future goal is to empower anyone with a phone number, who might otherwise lack access to financial services. Cryptio will be the accounting & bookkeeping infrastructure for this new global economy powered by decentralised finance.

You can visit here for more details about the Alliance. 

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